Hidden in the backseat of my mind

You’ve been rolling around on the backseat of my mind and over time you got wedged down a seat, lost for the time being. I kept journeying in my car, singing new tunes, frantically wiping my misted glasses so I could see clearly the new view around me. A new view that was appreciated more [...]

It’s the taking part …

I won't romanticise heartbreak. For me it's been like a kind of death, but one where you're forced to keep living. It's entirely shit! But maybe love and life aren't about avoiding the hurt and the bruises, maybe it's about collecting scars and dragging your battered heart through, to prove that you showed up for [...]

The Austerity of Our Love

Austerity measures generally refer to the measures taken by governments to reduce expenditure in an attempt to shrink their ever-growing budgets. So, in terms of our love, what do austerity measures refer to? When do we have to look at our love budgets, and decide to reduce the amount of love given in certain areas? [...]