The End

So, sadly we are here, the last post in the story of us, I hear that you've gone now, vanished into dust. Not so much as a goodbye, breaks my heart in two, But after "stay out of my life" - what more could I expect from you? The story of us, our playlist blasting from every speaker [...]


I'm not sure where she's been hiding, these past few years, Her bubble and spark seem diminished, replaced with hot tears, Her life appears somewhat frozen, in the mist of his mirror, She attempts to gain clarity, to view things a little clearer. In her heart, his name inscribed, it spelt out 'forever', Her love for him ran so deep [...]


Fingers entwined, roots of borrowed trees, Love so fierce, brought to her knees, Thought provoking, rumbustious words, A numinous feeling, Magic words left unheard, Fuliginous air with natures TV, that embellish chilled nights, Elysian themed dreams, ravelled with lust and her sight, Tortuous emotions, and the beauty of their tale, Luxurious liners, no pirates, one [...]

I Loved You Once

Absolutely beautiful


I loved you once
under fake stars
and an alcohol haze,
our bodies not understanding
the desire between us.
We talked like the night
would last forever,

knowing it never would.

I fell in love with you twice
across phone wires
and postage stamps,
your laughter ringing
in my head.
We talked like we’d never
see each other again,

hoping that wasn’t true.

I fell in love with you three times
among blue waves
and warm days,
my heart leading me
to your arms.
We talked like it was
the beginning,

dreaming that it would never end.

I love you still,
beyond years
and miles between.
Our ghosts follow
us around,
and we pretend
not to notice how

we never talk anymore.



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Under the Twisted Willow

Under curly branches, had our first date, Kissing, gay lanterns and staying up late, Stars a'twinkling like sparkly little "mince pies", Hand in hand we lay and watched the sun rise, Stay with me, MJ and not forgetting the  Magic, Our choice in music was somewhat tragic, You had me back then, in the palm [...]

Tiny Oliver

My heart stopped, the tears how they rolled, Evidence of those two pink lines, oh so bold, A dream I was living up until then, With daily injections from the nasty little pen, Fertility Clinics and online forums, Long tube journeys and re-mortgaging sums, ICSI and blastocysts and forced conception, Donation of my eggs and careful selection, Genetic [...]