October 13th 2016 minus my kidney

24 hours before hell took hold. I look excited in this picture, the last supper, pre-surgery, pre-nephrectomy, supping on a beautiful glass of our 'tage, the last for probably a very long time. Enjoying sweet moments of nostalgia with each delightful sip. Surgery was at last here. I'm not moaning. I needed this surgery. I've [...]

A rather Radical Nephrectomy

I walked out of the hospital into the blazing sunshine. 31 degrees of sunshine,  loaded up, with an NHS shopping bag full to bursting, with the next months concoction of drugs and nutrition drinks that I would need to consume in the days ahead of my surgery. My mind is whizzing, I feel like I've [...]

Tiny Oliver

My heart stopped, the tears how they rolled, Evidence of those two pink lines, oh so bold, A dream I was living up until then, With daily injections from the nasty little pen, Fertility Clinics and online forums, Long tube journeys and re-mortgaging sums, ICSI and blastocysts and forced conception, Donation of my eggs and careful selection, Genetic [...]