The End


So, sadly we are here, the last post in the story of us,
I hear that you’ve gone now, vanished into dust.

Not so much as a goodbye, breaks my heart in two,
But after “stay out of my life” – what more could I expect from you?

The story of us, our playlist blasting from every speaker on repeat,
A flash show of images, running through watery eyes, the memories sweet.

Stargazing, Boats, Wildwood, kitchen dancing, wishing you were here,
Chance to hold you and say goodbye now gone, this was my biggest fear.

A golden opportunity, I agreed, a chance to travel, something just for you,
A chance to create your own happiness, in my heart I guess I always knew.

New people, yeah, they will come and they will go – of this I am sure,
But I wish I could be as certain of my ability to close our door.

You see there will always be a warm place for you, safe in my heart,
Alongside the mountain of heartfelt memories, I revisit often, now we are apart.

You taught me, you impacted me and changed me beyond belief,
The night you picked me up, you never knew, but you erased all of my grief.

The belief in Our Click so strong – and the magic that we once were,
Seems now a lifetime away, The Good Bits have whizzed past us in a blur.

I have never felt such love, love that consumed me and blew my world apart,
A love that broke me, changed me and challenged everything within me and my heart.

You were the other part of me, a puzzle piece mislaid, somewhere along the way,
But then located, slotted into place, completing me,  how I longed for you to stay.

But some sadly can’t journey with us, forever, although I agree it’d be nice,
Some we have to wrap up, pop safely in our hearts, alongside the John West and Five Spice.

Another lifetime, god, how this chokes me, eyes stinging, gulping down tears,
Inside a million memories, dreams and missed opportunities, my mascara now smears.

Another Lifetime with you I didn’t want – right now would have done,
But the biggest lesson I have learnt so far, you win some – you loose some.

So now as I wave my forever person goodbye – I’m wishing bundles of love and of luck,
And with sadness “The Story of the Meltylovestuff” into the FuckItBucket, I will chuck.

Another Lifetime Awks x



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