You were my forever person. A soul so deeply entwined with mine that I could never escape

People wait a whole lifetime to feel the magic that I felt as I lay on your chest at night.

You were my intrigue, I yearned to see and do new things because of your tales.

Take me with you, so we can journey new lanes of memories together and never return to the befores.

You were my conscience, you reflected truths I couldn’t at times face, reflections I feared you would loathe.

I wanted to learn from you and share mistakes and move forward together, steadying each other as we stumble through life.

You were the deepest part of my soul and desire, so powerful it totally consumed me, you created a before and after.

I became the true me within tents of cotton sheets, in steam filled showers and in front of log fires.

You were dreams of owned eateries, guitarists, soulful wines and hand painted furniture.

Twisted Willow was born out of first dates and futures chattered over booze and hour long kisses

You were playlists littered with magic, real love, wildwood and dancing in kitchens.

My radio plays a theme tune to our love, our dance and our unstable futures.

You were my favourite place, heart beats and hand holding, spooning and soft kissing

Apart, I crave to wake with you behind me, to have your hand upon my chest and  to hear your early morning stomping parade

You were my forever. From the moment we met, when boats were wet, and agendas were set.

You were honestly my forever.

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