9th December – This girl’s shazzling some shizzle !


Today was a very good day – very good indeed.

I have at long last eradicated the little bug of procrastination from my world, from my dreams, from every area of my life. Its amazing what a Bullet Journal, new focus and a few new friends can do to a girl!

Your Office Genie – My office management consultancy, is at long last off of the ground! The website, is now an all singing, all dancing, vision of slickness (slicker than Joey Essex’s locks – so I’m told). Apparently you can even find the site now too, which is great, I clearly mastered SEO after all. The wonderful world of social media has been amazing. There is so much out there – if you actually look around. So many tools, apps and plugins – all social media accounts are now set up, accounting packages set up, promotional material for December has been designed by my own fair (if not in need of a manicure) hands … so all in all a productive week. I have to say, I’d have been impressed if it had of ended there …

I’ve also joined a handful of recommended groups for women entrepaneurs, it has to be the best move I have made. Not only have I managed to connect with tons of likeminded business owners across the globe, that may also turn out to be potential clients, but little old me has also managed to bag a contract organising one of their three day events in Spring, following a skype call this arvo ! I am so excited it is untrue!

So with my most favourite tipple in hand (natch) I’ve smashed out a load of quotes this evening and scheduled a stack of marketing/promotional material to go out over the coming months ! That’s been my Friday night, but hey, I have twinkly fairy lights and candles too, what more could a girl ask for !

I hope that your Friday’s have been as amazing as mine, but maybe with a touch more wine ! The positive outlook and life planning is certainly paying off already ! Bring on 2017!

Can’t quite believe it – Your Office Genie is now real !


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