I’m not sure where she’s been hiding, these past few years,
Her bubble and spark seem diminished, replaced with hot tears,
Her life appears somewhat frozen, in the mist of his mirror,
She attempts to gain clarity, to view things a little clearer.

In her heart, his name inscribed, it spelt out ‘forever’,
Her love for him ran so deep and true, but ceasing never,
The mirrors reflection, reveals dimply holes in her face,
On her inked words of love, his fingers used to trace.

Deep passion and connection, sadly ravelled in disgust,
You see, connection, it is nothing, if balanced on mis-trust,
She loved him enough, to reflect tales of her past,
Not expecting to be berated with them, quite so bloody fast.

Two years spent, eyes fixated, on the mirror of rear-view,
‘Catch -up’, ‘please’, she prays, for she’s waiting for you,
Spooning and teasing, drawing her in close,
But of his own medicine, he would soon get a dose.

For when she looks in that mirror, she sees not a toy,
She’s not a possession to play with, and he’s not a boy,
She’s only human, with feelings and limits, her own set of needs,
If he didn’t want her, how cruel, to have planted those seeds.

They say the grass grows greenest, where one decides to water,
Reflecting that effort and tending, can save the lawn from a slaughter.
If dull and lifeless decking, all he desired, right from the very start,
Then why water that garden, to then tear out it’s poor heart.

Her eyes like a mirror, creating a rose tinted illusion,
Should have gone to Specsavers, sweetheart, and saved some confusion.
For sometimes in life’s mirror, things become a little distorted,
She tenderly whispers I love you, suddenly mission aborted.

Her love for him now questioned, their love story litters a bin,
Cunningly convinced all that she did, a hell worthy sin.
So come on, peek in your mirror, what do you see,
A man who sows blind seeds, under her tree?

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