Under the Twisted Willow

Under curly branches, had our first date,

Kissing, gay lanterns and staying up late,

Stars a’twinkling like sparkly little “mince pies”,

Hand in hand we lay and watched the sun rise,

Stay with me, MJ and not forgetting the  Magic,

Our choice in music was somewhat tragic,

You had me back then, in the palm of your hand,

And we were soon in Peggy’s, listening to a band,

Who’d have thought our tree would lead us here,

Now you’re leaving, my favourite place soon to disappear

That first night forever tattooed on my heart,

No matter how far we’ve drifted apart,

I want to believe it real, your words they were true,

But I guess the truth of it lies only with you,

If we knew back then, what it would be,

Would we still meet under that god damned tree ! 

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