Tiny Oliver


My heart stopped, the tears how they rolled,
Evidence of those two pink lines, oh so bold,

A dream I was living up until then,
With daily injections from the nasty little pen,

Fertility Clinics and online forums,
Long tube journeys and re-mortgaging sums,

ICSI and blastocysts and forced conception,
Donation of my eggs and careful selection,

Genetic screening and lengthily testing,
Many families created and mothers now nesting,

Your fluttering heartbeat at last on the screen,
A family, my goodness, no longer a dream,

Secretly peeping down the new-born aisles,
Me, unable to hide those hourly smiles,

The swollen feeling now in my tummy,
Thank you Oliver, for making me a Mummy,

Your little face, never truly able to stroke,
Screaming at the sonographer “is this a joke”,

Only tears followed when our dream crashed,
Our baby, our family, our hopes were dashed,

Losing you Tiny Oliver, was harder than hell,
Never allowed to smell your baby smell,

But you see my darling, I’m so grateful of this,
A mother you made me and my tummy did fizz,

If only for four months the dream was true,
I feel so fortunate to have had a tiny little you,

My tiny boy, although my heart it did break,
Having you for four months – makes it not a mistake.

x – Happy Birthday – x







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