Magic under the full moon

Glancing out to sea, the reeds before us and the glistening moon beam bouncing off of each ripple, creating a silver river.

There’s something awe inspiring about a huge moon in the dark sky, something entirely mystical, gently reminding you that there is a vast world beyond us and our daily grind. When we’ve been apart I’ve often taken comfort, looking up at the night sky knowing that wherever you are that just maybe you are looking up at the blanket of stars and the magical moon thinking of me too.

Last night there was no need for such concerns, for you and I were peering up at her from the very same spot. I know that these moments are dwindling, I know that the end is coming to our push and pull.

Before very long we will no longer be under the same night sky. You will be under the moon whilst a new day is beginning for me, separated by time zones and continents.

Though there is still something entirely magical about that too.

Setting someone free, free to travel to do their thing, to create a world without you in it, being okay with that, it’s no mean feat.

If you’ve read the earlier posts of my blog you’ll know I’m capable of adapting to change, I almost thrive on it, but you, I don’t want to change you, or be forced to replace you and what we have.  All I’ve ever wanted to do is be with you, to be yours.

So to set that person free – to chance your arm at this thing called fate, I’ve got to whole heartedly admit – it’s going to be one of the toughest things I’ve ever done, and I’ve certainly had some trying times before.

But you drinking wine under the moon at the same time as I’m waking to a brand new day is how it has to be. Your hopes, your dreams and your happiness are just as important to me as you are.

I’ll be looking at the sun and you’ll be looking at the shiny moon, but there will always be us, somewhere in the same sky.


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