The ash tree provided shelter from the blistering heat, even the breeze was warm and comforting on the skin as they both lay on a duvet of hay admiring the violet blue sky through the leaves.

Thoughts of their first date under the twisted willow flooded through her mind, ironic that they were constantly brought back to nature, trees and anything nautical at various times in their nearly relationship. She felt for his hand, he didn’t pull away from her gesture, they lay pretending, hand in hand, just for today.

They had climbed over the farmers locked gate, in the hope they’d find secluded shelter away from the world, where they could just be. Up the lane and over the gate they hopped, him turning to help her down, then landing up to their knees in hay and an assortment of brambles and other nasties. He spotted the tree in the distance and hand in hand they walked until they were in the shade of its canopy.

It was as though they were miles from home, away from the troubles that had previously littered their nearly relationship. Today none of that mattered. The only fears they had were adders and ticks, and maybe being caught and frog marched off an angry farmers land, but that was about it.

The odd train passing along the track was the only reminder of town life, and the buzzing crickets and the birdsong above in the trees replaced the noise from everyday life.

Today was the first time that they had seen one another or spoken in nearly six weeks, but it didn’t show. She was certain that if anyone had been watching that they would appear like an ordinary couple blissfully happy, and even very much in love. For a second she even believed it could be true.

She realised that time apart had only intensified the love that she had for him. She had missed her best friend so much, and she realised it this afternoon more than ever before.

Being alone in a field of hay under a tree on a summers afternoon, with the love of your entire life, having not seen one another for six weeks was only ever going to end one way. Let’s just say she’s glad the farmer didn’t decide to pop out and check on his crops that afternoon!

They snuck back up the lane late afternoon, both slightly dazed at how their “breakfast” catch up had turned out, both smiling goofy teenage style smiles, with cheeky glints in their eyes.

It was the perfect day, pretending that everything was as it should be, that this was the norm. Pretending that he wasn’t leaving, pretending that very soon he wouldn’t be faraway.

Fate, believing in “if it’s meant to be”. Leaving everything in the hands of the universe. Poor fate has to work so much harder when you’re faraway.

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