Maybe you will always be her biggest what if, even though you were supposed to be her thank goodness we tried.

Maybe your lives won’t cross again like you told yourselves for two years, there may not be another lifetime, fate may have new paths for you to meander  and other plans carved out for  you.

Maybe nothing will truly feel as electric as you did, mediocre relationships and marriages replacing the chemical and intoxicating feelings that cut through your very souls once before.

Maybe you got caught up believing your own version of events, she was telling the truth. She adored you. One day maybe you will realise that. Maybe you won’t.

Maybe … Maybe the two of you could have been amazing. But time is ticking on. Maybe it’s only a matter of time before those pirates take hold of that Bahnacle encrusted vessel.

Maybe she’s terrified of meeting someone else. She’s avoiding oportunities. She doesn’t want anyone else staring into her soul. Flaws visible.

Maybe she bared that only to you. She shared stories and regrets with you that never before passed her lips.

Maybe no-one will ever feel her breath against their neck.

Maybe as the singers sing their sweet melody she will only ever think of your touch and your words soft in her ear.

Maybe it was only ever meant to be you.

But maybe, maybe you will never know.

Maybe it was meant to be this way.

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