The truth

So, given my new followers (*) I feel like I’ve got to write the truth, like an ex-smoker spilling the beans about how many cigarettes they’ve really smoked since they’ve given up, in one of their most sober and honest of moments … Yes, I think about you every single, god damned, mother fucking day ! Every single day you are in my head, I dream about you, I talk about you and throughout the day you randomly appear in my head. Does that make you feel any better ?

If I’m truly honest, I’ve met someone else. He’s amazing on paper. Everything I could have wished for. He could give me every single thing that I so wanted you to be able to give me, the things that I hoped and dreamed of for 22 long months. He can deliver on all of those things.  I know that’s gonna slap like a bitch. But I’ve got to say it, that was your choice.

Although he doesn’t have one thing. He doesn’t have the click that we did. I’ve tried, but I can’t put it into words, there aren’t words to describe the Brobdingnagian amount of chemistry that we have, and only you can understand that. No one else reading this will know just what I mean … Most people will be stumbling over and maybe even googling “Brobdingnagian” as they read this …. Lol

I may have this all wrong, God knows you may have met someone else and it may be all you have dreamed of, or you may be enjoying the single wildness, who knows. But im not too proud to say that I bloody well miss you. You are the Awkwardest person I have ever encountered … But what we had was magic !

And I miss it. I miss you x

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