The games that people play

You busy yourself. You say yes to nights out, that would usually pass you by. Saturday arrives, you go for a run, go to the nail bar, get the new haircut, walk past the dress in the window, and turn on your heels, marching straight into that shop and you buy the jaw dropping dress.

Saturday night is here, you’ve pampered yourself within an inch of your life, the girls are waiting, you pause and check that god damned phone. Nada.

Driving to the bar “that” song comes on, you skip the song, and blast some hardcore dance crap instead, filling every cell of your brain with anything but “that” song.

The wine flows, a little too easy, oops, you’re laughing and dancing (and very probably spilling your wine) without a care in the world. You glance for those eyes for the briefest of seconds. But you know you have to stop this.

The night draws to an end and the cossiness of your bed is screaming your name. The dress is off and you sit on the edge of the bed taking tonight’s make up off.

Then you still. The urge to text is overpowering. You don’t want a response. You just want that other person to know that they are still in your heart. You don’t want them to feel alone. However far apart you are. However long it’s been. You just want them to know you still care. More than ever. But you don’t. Because this is it. It’s sad, but its not, all jumbled into one.

The game is over. You flipped the board up, leaving counters everywhere. You’ve scooped those pieces up one too many times, restarting the game, over and over. But sometimes it’s time for bed and the game needs packed away.

The game is packed away in its box. The game started out as Twister, getting into weird positions and wondering if they touched your hand on purpose or not … But sadly our game ended up more like Cluedo.

You turn the light off and sigh…. you are certain that Professor Plum is very much aware of the fact that Miss Scarlet still cares and would give anything to be trapped in the dinning room with him !

You turn your phone on silent.

Sometimes Cludeo just takes too long to work out.

Anyone for a game of Snap ?

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