The Austerity of Our Love

Austerity measures generally refer to the measures taken by governments to reduce expenditure in an attempt to shrink their ever-growing budgets.

So, in terms of our love, what do austerity measures refer to? When do we have to look at our love budgets, and decide to reduce the amount of love given in certain areas?

Being a love giver I find it hard to imagine there ever being a time that I would consciously consider reducing the amount of love or efforts that I pour into a certain area or individual in my life.

But there are times that it feels like everyone has a hand in your “love pocket”(metaphorically of course), and it’s hard to keep handing this “cash” over, when the budget isn’t endless. We’ve all been there, “but really is this coat worth forcing my already limited budget”, she says, reluctantly putting the coat back on the rail, and standing hovering, contemplating living on Pot Noodles just to have “THAT” coat, just to wear “THAT” coat out and to have everyone “oooh” and “ahhhh” over “THAT” coat.

Maybe we should consider our love giving in a similar category as our purchasing of coats?

Some coats are expensive, you will surely have to forego other delightful things to be able to have the coat, but ladies, we know god damned well that the coat will provide you with a comfort on those bitter and bone chilling nights, right? That coat is very probably going to ensure that you are the envy of all in your circle, it’s going to complement you, you are most definitely going to get your wear out of these types of coats, they are classic and won’t date easily; standing the test of time and they will protect you against the harshness that the winter months will no doubt bring. We ignore the budget cuts and redundancies in headlines across the globe, we purchase these coats, and go without other luxuries. They are an investment to young women across the globe.

But if we were to follow the austerity measures when purchasing a “coat” and cut back on that expenditure, to be frugal and to think about what we are spending, to actually consider what we are willing to hand over for the protection from those cold months … we all know that we can shop about. We all want a certain level of “quality” when we are handing over our hard earnt wonga, but really, at any cost? Can’t we find that compromise? Can’t we hunt down that coat that delivers on all levels without us handing over so much?

I know that whilst I don my Karen Millen jacket, I went without, I didn’t mind, but really does it provide me with anymore protection than my River Island trusty mac?

Maybe we need to exercise austerity when handing over our love. I want protection and shelter from the bitter winds and ice rain, when I’m being blown about in the winter months I want to pull up the fur collar around my face and feel it’s warmth, and I want a coat that will complement my figure and show off my curves, but I’m not about to hand over a months salary for that coat. Handing over that months salary will leave me short, it will leave me unable to navigate other important areas of my life.

I don’t know much, but I do know that if I have willingly bequeathed my precious pound notes to the coat store, in exchange for coats then I don’t expect the beautiful coats to have holes in the pockets or to let the rain in. I want, no I NEED, them to provide me with the warmth and protection that I whole heartedly believed I would be getting. None of us mind handing over the cash – but it is a double blow when we do hand over the cash, and we are eating Pot Noodles in every area of our lives and the coat still leaves you out in the cold with a hole in your fecking pocket ! That is all !



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